beem is a puzzle game based around directing a beam of light through targets and around obstacles to power a mysterious machine. reflect, filter, and split light with your toolbox of mirrors, prisms, and crystal shards.

it’s available on the appstore for iPhone and iPad, and for windows through the airspace store.

so what’s special about it?

inside the light engine, a beam of light follows the laws of optical physics. reflect light at arbitrary angles – all 360 degrees of them! refract light into its component colors – and bring them back together! use light energy to power mechanical components to get parts moving again.

what is the light engine?

the light engine is an ancient and mysterious machine constructed deep in the surface of the planet. its primary function is unclear, but this only intrigues an explorer like yourself.

can I complete this adventure alone?

of course not! but don’t fear, the gremlin will be your guide (and best friend forever). he has valuable insight into the inner workings of the light engine. he’s a little crazy from wandering the subterranean for such a long time, but at least he is more amusing than tragic. delve into the darkness, and discover the secret of the light engine!

i want to play! where can i get it?


it’s available on the the appstore
for iPhone 3gs+ and iPad 2+.


##SITENAME## Digital Distribution
beem is an evolving project

my plan for beem is to put content out iteratively in two ways:


new content will be released in episodes. an episode will consist of a set of levels that revolve around new game mechanics, story continuation, and art. if you get the full version, then you will get all new episodes as they become available for no additional cost.


there are a lot of fun prettifications i want to add to beem, but it would never get out the door if i made everything little thing exactly how i want it. so, i will make improvements and release them along with content.


  • i want to get this game out there.
  • releasing content based on player feedback will be fun.
  • periodic releases will be cool, you can pick it up every once and a while and have something new.
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